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NAME: arei
JOURNAL: rubberspaceduck

SERIES: Transformers: Prime
CHRONOLOGY: End of season 1


Back during the Great War (a war between the Autobots and Decepticons over rule of the planet's resources, mainly Energon which is Cybertron's main food/fuel source) Arcee was a scout for the Autobots along with her partner, Tailgate. Airachnid, a rather vicious Decepticon, captured her and her partner. Airachnid attempted to torture information out of Arcee but she refused to talk. Airachnid revealed that she had captured the Autobot's partner in a final attempt to get her to talk, but Arcee revealed that she knew nothing so the Decepticon killed Tailgate before her optics. Two Autobots, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper, came to Arcee's rescue but not before Airachnid could make her escape.

Eventually the war consumed Cybertron, and it became a dead planet with nothing left to fight over, so both sides fled and set up shop on various planets, trying to find new sources of Energon and survive. Optimus' (the last Prime and the leader of the Autobots, carrier of the Matrix of Leadership, a device that holds the knowledge of all pervious Primes) team, including Arcee, ended up on Earth, where they stayed undercover, working with the US government while trying to keep an eye out for any Decepticons.

Everything remained quiet for some time before the Decepticons finally made themselves known again. While they were chatting while on patrol, Cliffjumper, her new partner, was overcome by the Decepticons. He was captured and taken back aboard their ship, Nemesis, before Optimus and the others could regroup and GroundBridge (like a SpaceBridge but it only allows travel to anywhere on Earth rather than anywhere in space) to his location. While there Ratchet (the Autobots science and medical officer) scanned for Cliff's signal only to have it go offline before his eyes. An act which angered Arcee and had her vowing vengence. The 'Bots held a quick vigil with Optimus saying they shouldn't hold onto their anger before returning to base.

Later that day, Arcee went out on patrol only to be chased down by two Vehicons (basically the grunts of the Decepticon army, they don't appear to have much personality and they all look the same). She pulled into the parking lot of a local fast food joint to hide, when the teenaged drive-through window worker Jack Darby found her. Being a normal sort of teenage boy, he immediately fell in love with the motorcycle, talking about how one day he'll own a bike like her as he got on her. About that time, Jack was distracted by two girls who wanted to chat, which was interrupted by the Vehicons, who returned, forcing Arcee to race off with the human teenager riding on her.

She fled onto the interstate, with poor Jack clinging to her, with the Vehicons hot on their heels until Bumblebee caught up to them and the pair of them took on the Vehicons in an open storm drain channel, but after Bulkhead (another, and rather large, Autobot) showed up to the party the Vehicons fled. To top everything off they now had two young human witnesses. The other being Raf, who later became Bumblebee's charge (mainly because he's the only human that can understand what Bee is saying).

To ensure the boys' safety, since the Decepticons now knew about the children and would go after them in order to draw out the Autobots, Optimus directed Arcee and 'Bee to go to their school the next day and bring them back to the Autobot base. However, while Arcee was trying to explain it all to Jack, a Japanese exchange student, Miko, caught Arcee talking to him, so she had to be taken in as well. For her own safety, of course.

Once back at the base, Optimus explained the situation to the awestruck teens. Shortly after that the proximity alarms went off, alerting the 'Bots to Agent Fowler, their human liaison to the US government, coming by to visit. Optimus had the children hide out of sight since they shouldn't have been there to begin with. Fowler chewed the 'Bots out for the destruction caused on the freeway the day before. Optimus reassured him that everything would be taken care of, and reminded him that no human had actually been killed. It could have been far worse.

Not long after Agent Fowler left, Ratchet picked up Cliffjumper's life signal, which should have been impossible. Hoping, and yet fearing that he might still be alive, the team left the base, leaving Ratchet with the children, to see if they could rescue their comrade. They ended up in an Energon mine below the Nemesis and a shootout immediately began, during which Arcee caught sight of Cliff. She rushed to his aid only to discover that it was no longer her friend but some twisted monstrosity that didn't recognize her at all.

Starscream (Megatron's second in command) blew the mine at Megatron's (the Decepticon's leader) orders, but the Autobots managed to escape. However, Arcee appeared to have weakened after touching Cliff's robot zombie body. Ratchet took a sample of the stuff on her hand and told her to take a decontamination bath immediately. It turned out that the substance was Dark Energon, or the Blood of Unicron, a corrupted version of Energon that is harmful to a Cybertronian's body. Basically an anti life-force that could be used to raise dead Cybertronians. It was decided that the Dark Energon had to be what Megatron had returned with from his search in the far reaches of space.

Optimus assigned Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and Arcee to be the guardian of each child (Miko, Raf, and Jack in turn) and told them to take the children home. Arcee, still hurting from Cliffjumper's death and not wanting to deal with humans, attempted to get out of it, claiming to still feel weak but, Ratchet claimed that as her physician she was fine, much to her dismay. Grumbling, but not disobeying orders, Arcee took Jack home. Jack attempted to console her only to have her snap at him, but as she was doing so Jack's mother pulled into the driveway, and had a fit at the appearance of the slick motorcycle in her garage. After listening to Jack's mother's worries she seemed to have a bit of a change of heart. The next morning she woke Jack up and said they needed to get back to base, despite his protests that it was a Saturday. She told him he could watch cartoons with Bee and also ordered he write a note to his mother, “She worries.”

When they returned to base Optimus informed the group that he and Ratchet needed to check out something and would be out of comm range, and left Arcee in charge. Arcee didn't care for babysitting duty, so she left Bulkhead in charge while she went off with Bumblebee to patrol. Things went downhill back at the base, when Fowler got himself kidnapped by the 'Cons and tortured by Starscream, prompting Bulkhead to try and rescue him as the kids tagged along. Miko's fault, totally. With nobody home to operate the GroundBridge, Arcee and Bee had to drive back to base the long way. Once there they took the Bridge to where Bulkhead and the kids were - the Nemesis. They rescued Fowler and the kids and returned to base to find Optimus and Ratchet had returned (and had fought an army of undead 'bots). Jack decided, after the whole mess of nearly getting killed by Decepticons, that he wanted out and the 'Bots sent him home via a Bridge.

The next day Arcee arrived at the burger joint Jack worked at to have a talk. She'd already lost one partner and claimed that she just wasn't ready to let go yet. Jack returned to base with her in time for her to join in on some fun. Turned out that while in the Decepticon base the kids got a hold of some plans for a SpaceBridge. All the 'Bots, save Ratchet went to the location of the Bridge in time to catch the Decepticons and keep Megatron from raising the dead of Cybertron by tossing his Dark Energon through it. While the kids were off in Texas trying to make sure the 'Cons don't go anywhere (their navigation systems is basically down and they're using satellites in Texas to get to Cybertron through the Bridge), the 'Bots battled them, with Optimus faced off against Megatron while the rest of the team set about sabotaging the Bridge. They succeeded in doing so and believed they also killed Megatron in the blast when it exploded. They returned to base, although Arcee was in pretty bad shape. Optimus sent out the signal that the Earth is defended by the Autobots.

Some days later, 'Bee and Buklhead found a pod in the Arctic and brought it back to the base. Arcee accompanied Optimus back into the Arctic to find the origins of the pod, while it sat thawing out in a storage room. Jack wanted to go with them but after finding out where they were going he changed his mind, opting for being warm over tagging along. Not moments after stepping through the portal of the Bridge, it went down, leaving the two 'Bots stranded with no way of getting back. When their core temperatures started to reach dangerously low levels Optimus tried to get in touch with base only to find that the comms were down for some reason. The two decided they need to keep warm so they found the best shelter they possibly could and kept talking to stay awake, to survive. Just when it looked like they were going to freeze to death, the Bridge opened up again with Bulkhead running through, chased by a horde of Scraplets (tiny pests that devour everything metal that had been terrorizing the base, they were what was in the pod). The Scraplets freeze rapidly in the Arctic air and Arcee and Optimus return to base, warmth, and safety, glad to be alive.

Throughout the following weeks, a lot of stuff happened, many adventures were had, bringing Arcee and Jack closer together, and the group of humans and Autobots more like a family. It was mostly just a lot of fighting Decepticons and protecting the human children, really. A new threat appeared, some human terrorist organization known as MECH. They seemed rather bent on advancing human weapons technology by any means possible, even if it meant taking apart a live, conscious Cybertronian. There was also some illegal racing where a bully from Jack's school got kidnapped by Knock Out (a rather vain Decepticon). And then some trouble from Arcee's past came back to haunt them. A very specific trouble, in the form of a spider.

Out in the northern wilderness of the United States, a ship crash landed not far from where Arcee and Jack were scouting for Energon. She'd allowed him to come along because it was supposed to be safe. Arcee picked up the ships readings and the two of them went to check it out. Finding the ship deserted, Arcee made Jack stay behind while she checked it out. She realized who the ship belonged to - Airachnid - and quickly left the ship to scout the woods and frantically tried to contact base. The comms were down, scrambled. Jack interrupted her thoughts and in an almost panicked state she transformed and sped the two of them from the woods. She didn't stop until she was on the other side of the crevasse the ship had dug into the ground as it landed. She dropped of Jack before going back into the woods. While there she found a tree stump covered in an acidic compound, which triggered a short flashback. She remembered the affects of that acid.

She found the culprit, Airachnid, about to attack a camper in his tent and she tackled her to save him. This only seemed to amuse the Decepticon femme. After Airachnid revealed her new hobby of hunting down endangered species and killing them, Arcee became enraged and a fight ensued, but Jack arrived and distracted Arcee long enough for Airachnid to shoot some webbing at her and leave her stuck against a rock. She managed to cut her arm free and shoot Airachnid, knocking her out. Terrified (but trying to cover it up), Arcee informed Jack he was more of a liability than a partner and Jack told her he could tell she was afraid.

Unfortunately, It didn't take long for Airachnid to recover and she promised to finish off Arcee after she had added Jack's head to her trophy case. She then took off after the fleeing human. Arcee remained stuck to the rock, lamenting the fact that she had put Jack's life in danger. She transformed into her vehicle form and hit the full throttle until the webbing finally broke. Meanwhile, Jack hid outside the ship, leading Airachnid to believe he'd gone inside. As he made his way along the tench left in the crashed ship's wake he discovered leaking Energon. Using his Swiss Army knife and some flint from his trusty survival kid, he set fire to the Energon, blowing the ship up with Airachnid on top of it. However, she survived and immediately went after Jack. Much to the boy's relief Arcee appeared and nearly beat the life out of the Decepticon, who escaped by drilling down into the ground. Arcee radioed back to base for a Bridge so she can get her partner back to safety. Jack noticed her choice of words and she reminded him he's just the junior partner.

And then everything went back to normal, as normal as things get when you're a giant sentient, inorganic being from another planet. More Decepticon plot thwarting and helping/protecting the human children. And then Optimus caught the equivalent of a space plague from a downed Autobot ship.

After returning to base on a routine scouting mission, Bumblebee and Arcee went to the Decepticon ship to hopefully find a cure, in their databases since the plague was created by Megatron during the war. While there Arcee had no luck finding anything in the Decepticon's database but Bumblebee had better luck, he found the unconscious shell of Megatron. Ratchet helped them create a cortical psychic patch, which Arcee set up between Bumblebee and Megatron, a procedure that had long been banned by the Autobots because it was dangerous.

While 'Bee was in the middle of rooting through Megatron's mind Starscream, Knock Out, and Soundwave (the Decepticon's intelligence officer) entered the lab. Although Arcee and 'Bee were well hidden, their chances for discovery were high. Starscream and Knock Out attempted to persuade Soundwave that unplugging Megatron from life-support would be for the best, the most honorable option. Ratchet, listening in over the comm link, informed Arcee that doing so would kill 'Bee as well. Soundwave pointed out the psychic patch cable and Starscream followed it. And it couldn't have been at a better time, inside Megatron's mind Bee managed to get a peek at the formula which had allowed Ratchet to snag it. Ratchet ordered Arcee to cut the cable and get out. Just as Starscream found the two 'Bots, they escaped through a Bridge, but not before Arcee blasted one of the life-support cables attached to Megatron. Back at base the cure was devised and Optimus was saved. Arcee couldn't believe she'd offlined Megatron and, well, she was right. Turned out Megatron had decided to hitchhike in Bumblebee's head and eventually got his body back.

Once again MECH appeared, this time they managed to capture Breakdown, another Decepticon and old nemesis of of Bulkhead's, while he was distracted by Bulkhead. In order to keep the group from getting their hands on Cybertronian technology the 'Bots had no choice but to help the 'Cons rescue him. Which they did.

Not much later after the incident with Breakdown, MECH was once again on the hunt for another Cybertronian to capture. This time they ran into Airachnid, who made a deal with them to go after Arcee and MECH agreed to give her Jack if she'd give them Arcee's corpse. Back at Jack's house Arcee and Jack returned late. Jack's mother, June, grounded him because he'd been neglecting his homework and job. She also believed he was racing. Arcee told Jack she'd miss him during the time and Jack pointed out that if he can't leave with her that she would have to remain in the garage. She promised to try to return home before his mother every night.

However, that plan quickly went downhill. Jack received a call from his mother saying she'd got off work early to make him dinner. Jack frantically called up Arcee but she was in the middle of a fight at Bumblebee's side. She managed to find an opening and Bridged back the garage. However she had been too late and June had seen the garage empty. Even after turning around she just assumed Jack had had a friend slip the bike in. Jack spilled the beans on the Autobots to his mother but Arcee refused to transform leading June to believe Jack had been hanging with the scifi club. Or that he was crazy. The scifi club idea was clearly preferable.

With the help of Airachnid MECH finds out about Jack and his mother and sent a group to kidnap June just as she got off work. Jack returned home to find Arcee but no June. There was also a package waiting for him, one with a two way communicator to MECH. They gave him coordinates to their base and forbade any contact with the other 'Bots, enforcing this by scrambling Arcee's processor any time she tried to use the her comm. When they made it to their destination Airachnid webbed Arcee then informed Jack he had until midnight to find and save his mother. MECH decided to take Arcee apart, violating the agreement, while Jack ran around the factory they'd ended up at in search of his mother.

Jack failed to find her until Airachnid pointed out where June had been hanging the whole time. At that moment June woke up to see Airachnid web Jack's hand to the ground and close in to kill them both. Meanwhile the MECH surgeons had managed to cut through Airachnid's webbing on Arcee and were ready to take her spark when she awoke. They didn't get far before she threw them aside and left to help Jack.

Arcee managed to hold Airachnid off long enough for Agent Fowler and some backup to show up, thanks to Jack stealing the MECH commander's communicator earlier. Airachnid scanned Fowler's helicopter for her vehicle mode, something any Cybertronian could do, and escaped in her new form, after which Fowler tried and failed to convince June that Jack had been interning for him, but it was no use. Jack introduced her to Arcee and the next day she visited the base.

Now that June was aware of where her son was spending all his time she began to show up, unannounced. While spending her time there she started to question just how safe it was for her son to do anything with Arcee, which irritated the femme greatly. So when magnetic disturbances show up Arcee opted to go with Bulkhead to check it out. Turned out to be Airachnid and Breakdown, fighting over  a weapon that Megatron had sent Breakdown after. Airachnid was still working on her own at this point. Said weapon could magnetize things and cause them to stick together (or possibly tear them apart)...in this case, it was Arcee being stuck to Bulkhead's back. Eventually the two defeated the 'Cons and sent them back to Nemesis stuck together in the same fashion they themselves been stuck together in before. They also took the weapon back to the Autobot base for safekeeping.

Another time, Arcee and Bulkhead were sent to check out a mine while Miko waited outside it with Jack, the girl having snuck through the GroundBridge and Jack having followed her. They exited the mine, confused that it appeared to be stripped yet they were picking up an Energon signal inside. While they discussed this Miko ran inside to check it out. Jack talked Arcee into letting him go in and Bulkhead followed after Miko, all unaware that Megatron and Starscream had just arrived at the mine.<
While wandering through the mine Arcee and Jack stumbled upon Megatron ready to (finally!) kill Starscream. Megatron switched his sights to the two giving Starscream a chance to escape, which enraged Megatron so he started firing after the fleeing Seeker. Arcee took that as her chance to fire upon Megatron, causing him to discharge his fusion cannon into the ceiling which in turn caused it to collapse. The falling ceiling caused the floor to give out beneath them, swallowing the three up.
Arcee ended up separated from both Jack and Megatron and went in search for her partner. She eventually found him after he had found Bulkhead and Miko, who had been found by Starscream, whom she quickly takes out. The four leave the mine and discuss finishing off the Decepticons right then and there but decide it's not what Optimus would do. Instead they returned to base.

Arcee later visited Cliffjumper's grave marker, vowing that she would find the one responsible for his death. Around the same time an alert went out that Ratchet had picked up an ancient Decepticon signal. The team, excluding Ratchet, moved to the location to find an ancient crashed ship, Airachnid, and a tied up Starscream. Arcee followed after Airachnid and would have been defeated if it weren't for the fact that Optimus had shown up, causing the 'Con to retreat. Optimus reminded Arcee that seeking revenge for Tailgate's death wasn't a good idea. Moments later Bulkhead and Bumblebee arrived with a bound up Starscream who claimed he wanted to switch sides. There was a brief discussion before it was decided to take him along, albeit in cuffs with his wings bound. His information could've been useful.

They made their way to where Starscream instructed them, which turned out to be the other half the ship they'd been at not long ago. Optimus seriously considered allowing Starscream to join the Autobots. After all, redemption was part of finding peace. He then left Arcee to watch the Seeker on her own. Starscream attempted to convince Arcee it would be okay to let him go but at the same time ended up revealing that he was the one that killed Cliffjumper. That revelation enraged Arcee beyond reason. She tossed the cuff key to him, giving him a chance to fight fairly. However, Starscream tricked her into getting close enough so that he could swipe at her with his claws. The two fought and Starscream appeared to have the upper hand. Yet, it turned out Arcee was just playing possum and the moment she got the chance she knocked him down and jumped on him with her blade at his throat. However, when she realized Bumblebee was watching them she got up and let Starscream limp off. They return to base and Arcee was repaired but blamed herself for running Starscream off.

Later, Optimus determined that a prophecy from the Covenant of Primus (Cybertronian holy text equivalent to the Bible) might soon be coming true. Something about how Unicron will arise when the planets align, this alignment of planets ending on Earth. And while the other 'Bots didn't really believe in it Ratchet did think the the prophecy referred to Earth. Obviously Megatron believed in the prophecy and believed himself to be the one to fulfill it so he had the 'Cons busily trying to get everything they needed. Feeling rushed he was opting for blunt attacks rather than stealth. Fearing for the safety of human bystanders Optimus, Bulkhead, and Arcee went to the location of the most recent Deepticon hit. All was going well until Megatron headed out to join the battle. On his way there he spotted Bumblebee and fired off his cannon at the scout, quiet pleased with himself when he discovered that he also got one of the human children with his blast.

Megatron arrived at the battle followed closely by Bumblebee, who showed up with an unconscious Raf in his hands. Arcee was ready to jump on Megatron for what he'd done but Optimus sounded the retreat and Bulkhead dragged her back. Back at base Raf was quickly hooked up to keep an eye on his vitals but Ratchet, having not done any research on human medicine, had no idea what to do for the child. Jack suggested getting his mother there to help and that's what they did. June managed to stabilize Raf while Optimus and Bulkhead stormed the Nemesis to retrieve the power unit the Decepticons stole. Raf was purged of Megatron's Dark Energon and Bulkhead returned to base without Optimus, who was going after Megatron.
he 'Bots took a moment to regroup before taking a Bridge to Optimus's location, where he was fighting with Megatron. Arcee and Bee dragged Optimus back through the Bridge while Bulkhead distracted Megatron. The Autobots were appalled to see the Dark Energon erupting from the volcano not far off. They escaped and left Megatron to his treasure.

Back at the base Optimus was glad to see Raf was okay but June, tired of the children being in danger, demanded to have the children leave with her. Optimus, understanding, agreed but Jack and Miko refuse to go, standing their ground. June took Raf and began to drive him to the nearest hospital just to make sure he was okay. Not moments after June left, Fowler called up the 'Bots to inform them of the natural disasters going on around the world, all set off by several earthquakes that happened around the world at the same time.

It was beginning to look like the prophecy was true.

Bumblebee ran off to rescue Raf and June from nearly getting sucked up by a tornado and returned to the based with them, while Ratchet had picked up a signal that sounded suspiciously like a Cybertronian heartbeat. The 'Bots came to the conclusion that deep within the Earth was Unicron the Chaos Bringer. Optimus explained to the humans how this must have come to be. Back before the creation of the Cybertronians there were two that fought, Primus and his brother Unicron. The two warred constantly and eventually Primus created the original Thirteen Primes from the Well of All Sparks, which is where all Cybertronian sparks come from. With their help they defeated Unicron and sent him into space, where he drifted until his own gravitation pull had apparently formed the Earth around him. Thus making him the core of the planet and not molten lava like human scientist believed.

Optimus left to scout one of the locations of the quake and found it heavy with metals. Before he could leave Unicron himself appeared, fashioning a body out of the very rock. Optimus tried to reason with Unicorn, hoping to talk him into resting again so that the humans and all other life on earth could continue to live. Of course, Unicron saw them as parasites and attempted to kill Optimus.

After taking down one Unicron drone,  more appeared and despite orders not to help,  Arcee, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee took a Bridge to Optimus' location in an attempt to help him. This angered Optimus but Arcee pointed out that if he is the target of Unicron then he could run back to the base while they kept the Unicrons busy. However, Optimus pointed out that it wouldn't matter where he hid Unicron would find him. As they tried to escape, a giant version of the stone Unicrons formed and nearly killed Optimus when a blast knocked it's head off. It turned out Megatron had shown up and he had a proposition to make.
He wished to team up with the Autobots to destroy Unicron, since the titanic being had refused his assistance. The 'Bots found this hard to believe but Megatron pointed out he was the only one that could lead them to Unicron and Optimus, the last of the Primes, was the only one that could defeat him. It was decided that they'd need to return to base, with Megatron, and take a Bridge directly to the Earth's core where Optimus would use the Matrix of Leadership (the combined power of all the previous Primes) to destroy Unicron. Back at the bast Optimus gave Jack a key that he claimed to be the key to the GroundBridge because he had matured greatly since they'd met.  Ratchet opened a Bridge and all the 'Bots, save himself, went through to the Core.

As the group made their way closer to Unicron's massive spark chamber, the Core of the world, Megatron noted that Unicron was growing stronger. When they were almost there, Unicron activated his “antibodies” to deal with the intruders. The closer they got to the Core the more Bulkhead started to feel the affects of the Dark Energon around them, becoming dizzy and unbalanced. Bumblebee and Arcee had to help him across the bridge to the Core while fighting off the antibodies. Finally they made it to the door and Optimus and Megatron went through while the rest stayed behind to keep the antibodies at bay.
It didn't take long for Optimus to use the Matrix on Unicron's spark, effectively destroying him. The antibodies fell harmlessly from the air and the door opened again so that the rest of the 'Bots could come through. What they found was a confused Optimus who didn't recognize them, didn't even know his own name, being hauled away by Megatron into a Bridge portal.
Unsure what else to do, the 'Bots returned to base. World saved, but without Optimus.

Arcee is small in size but more than makes up for it with her personality. She's the responsible one the Optimus normally looks to if he needs someone in charge. She also tries to always appears as tough as nails, seemingly fearless most of the time. She's often snarky, even when faced with death.  And just an all around badass (or at least does her best as coming off as such).

After the loss of her first partner she became more of a loner.  While she won't admit it, her reasoning for this is that she didn't want to lose anyone else.  It hurts too much.  If she's alone she can't be responsible for the life of another, just her own.  She wouldn't be able to blame herself for another's death or feel responsible to take vengeance.  However, she can't help but grow close to others.  Such as Cliffjumper, who died at the hands of Starscream.  Or Jack, who is still alive and doing just fine for the time being (although he was almost lost to Airachnid). 

Partly because of her worry for her loved ones, she can be quick to anger, often lashing out in verbally against her comrades and violently against her enemies. Luckily Optimus, or another team member, is usually around to talk her down (in most situations).

She seems to have more in common with the Decepticons she so hates than she'll probably ever admit to herself.  While normally quite rational her anger sometimes clouds her judgement.  She seeks vengeance on those that wrong her (or kill her team mates).  She's not afraid to get her hands dirty in the name of the Autobot cause (which ironically enough is peace between the factions).

For all her snarky attitude and tough exterior, she can be quite a softy, quickly holding a place in her spark (heart) for her human companions along side her Cybertronian ones.  She can often be motherly while at the same time trying to act like a best friend and still try to seem tough.

As far as her intelligence goes she seems fairly average for a Cybertronian.  She understands machinery well enough to use it but if you asked her how to build it she'd be lost.  She's a hands on type but that means her hands beating up on someone rather than fixing something.  She's really the go to girl if you need stealth or the tar getting beat out of someone.

Suddenly finding herself human probably won't change much.  She may be a little more cautious but who's to say.

Super speed (she can reach roughly 200mph max). Forearms can transform into her laser guns. Increased durability (so she doesn't end up splattered in the case of a high speed impact).


[The comm sparks to life although the voice sounds a little muffled.]



What is--

I'm human?

I'm human.


[There's a short pause followed by an intake of air.]

Blast it!  I don't have time for this!  We need to find Optimus and w--

[She gives a disgruntled growl and it sounds like she may have kicked something.  Hard by the way she's now cursing up a storm in Cybertronian.]

Stupid squishy bodies, none of tha--

[Rustling followed by a bit more of that good ol' Cybertronian cursing.  Sounds like someone found the comm in her pocket.  Guess she forgot it was there.]

Is thi--  Of course it's slagging on!  Why wouldn--

[A deep breath.  Calm down Arcee.]

Okay...right.  Anyone listening to this [A short pause.] tell me what the frag is going on!  I have more important scrap to do!

[Muttering to herself as she shoves the comm back into her pocket.  Although it appears she forgot to turn it off.]

Great...weird dimensional stuff going on that I'm sure Ratchet could explain.  And I already screwed up keeping a low profile.  Starting to lose my touch.



It had only been a couple days since her arrival in the city and already Arcee had found a few things she liked and disliked about being human. She didn't really like walking, not when she was used to just turning into a motorcycle and speeding off. She didn't like the fact that she tired more easier and a lot quicker than she ever had before. She didn't like that she had to refuel more often. Although she'd found a few foods she really liked the taste of.

But most of all, she didn't like the fact that she was so small and felt so helpless. She knew humans could be strong but when you suddenly find yourself a could dozen feet shorter than you were before you feel a lot more vulnerable.

If Ratchet were here I'm sure he could fix this somehow, Arcee mused with a sigh as she settled on a nearby bench. He could probably construct armour that at least made me feel more like myself.

The former giant, sentient robot pulled out her communicator and began to scroll through the network. She had done her best to conduct as much research as she could for herself. She'd discovered that most of the Imports, as they were called, had the tendency to get snarky when faced with the same questions over and over again. Not that she could blame them but new people might not know how to work the communicator to find out what they need to know. Not that working the device was all that easy. It seemed poorly organized and resulted in a lot of digging to get what was desired. Not to mention it was Earth tech.

However, despite all the digging she'd found out she apparently didn't need to worry too much about what was going on back home. It seemed the moment she returned, if, no when that happened, she would return to the exact moment she'd left. Although that didn't stop her from worrying about Optimus or what would happen upon her return.

Arcee tucked the device away again before rising from the bench with a good stretch. Home or not, this city was no vacation spot. She couldn't just laze around and wait to be sent back home. It had it's own problems and she intended to help solve them.



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Sadie Darby ↔ Arcee

February 2012

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